Welcome to hqRule!

This is a sandbox demo of Ruleset configuration in hqRule. Things to know:

  • The sample data you see here reflects the example on the documentation page.
  • Make all the changes you like. The sample data resets every hour on the hour.
  • This is a shared demo environment, so your changes may be overwritten by other users.
  • Ruleset configurations are exploited directly from SQL code. More info...


About Rulesets

A Ruleset is set of related Results and associated Rules. Rulesets are independent from one another, so a single instance of hqRule can handle every mapping and translation use case in a given Environment. A Ruleset may be defined as Dynamic. When a Dynamic Ruleset returns a Result, before returning the static value associated with that Result, the rule engine looks for an incoming Term with the same SourceUniqueId whose token matches that Result value, and if it exists returns the associated TermValue instead.

Title Ruleset Id
Private Capital Asset Classification 7094